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saudi moon sighting today 2020

Local media in Saudi Arabia had late in the evening Wednesday reported that the Muharram moon was sighted at the Tamir Observatory, and hence Thurdsay will be the 1st day of the holy month and the Islamic New Year 1442H. For all the latest News, Opinions and Views, download ummid.com App. For, it was the migration of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) from Makkah to Madinah that had resulted Islam nurturing into the new heights and spreading to the whole Arab lands, and also to the surrounding States", Rehnuma says quoting from the history. Youm e Ahsura coincides with 10th of Muharram. You are here: Home » Muharram Moon 2020, Note: By posting your comments here you agree to the terms and conditions of www.ummid.com, Antibiotics use adds up to inflammatory bowel disease risk, ARIIA 2020: Hyderabad varsity in the list of top 10 led by IIT-M, SC hearing on pleas seeking cancellation of Final Year Exams - latest update, About 2 cr salaried people lost jobs since April. The Islamic Calendar thus introduced and adopted some 1,441 years ago, soon became popular, and also became part and partial of the calendars in every Muslim household. According to Saudi Gazette, #Saudi Arabia will celebrate #EidAlfitr on Sunday as Shawwal Moon was not sighted on Friday (24-May). Since these orders were not carrying any date, it became very difficult for the Governors to find out which one of the orders was the latest and supposed to be followed with", she adds. These features only added strength to the selection of Moharram al-Haram as the first month of the Islamic calendar", she added. "The Caliph, the Supreme Head of the Islamic State, was used to issue all the Guidelines and Pronouncements to the Governors of various Islamic Provinces from Madinah. Lenovo rolls-out 3 new premium gaming laptops in India, UPSC Exam Calendar 2021 released at upsc.gov.in. Before that Muslims in their respective provinces, following the Arab tradition of the time, were counting the days and months – with sighting of the new moon and counting the days thereafter without following any particular calendar or dating system. If the moon is sighted tonight, the holy month of Ramzan will begin from tomorrow. The Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, Oman had officially announced the start of Muharram from Friday, August 21, 2020. The moon sighting announcement of a new month of the Islamic Calendar is made after Maghrib prayers offered post sunset. Muharram al Haram is the first month of the Islamic Calendar. 06:00 pm (Makkah Times): A formal moon sighting announcement of the Holy Month of Muharram al Haram will be made by authorities in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Kuwait and other Muslim states by 07:30 pm Makkah time today. The Ramadan Moon is likely to be sighted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, corresponding to 29th Shaban 1441H. "But confusion arose when contradictory orders started reaching far away provinces at the same time. Hence, if the new moon is sighted today the New Islamic Year i.e.

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